Scienceroot (ST)

  • Estimated Value: $4
  • Tokens: 100
  • Platform : Waves
  • Airdrop (Filipino)
  • Airdrop (English)
  • About
  1. Pumunta sa Scienceroot airdrop page
  2. I-submit ang iyong details at ang iyong waves wallet address (register)
  1. Head over to the Scienceroot airdrop page
  2. Submit your details and your waves wallet address (register)

Within the Scienceroot ecosystem, Science Tokens (ST) will be used by our members to gather funding, exchange tokens for services, publish articles, tip authors and store content. There will be a limited supply of 500.000.000 Science Tokens. No further tokens will ever be created after the initial token offering. During the Token 25
Generation Event 300.000.000 ST will be sold, yet 400.000.000 are destined for public use.

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