Rateonium (RTC)

  • Estimated Value: $10
  • Tokens: 145
  • Platform : ETH
  • Airdrop (Filipino)
  • Airdrop (English)
  • Project Description
  1. Buksan ang Rateonium Telegram bot
  2. Sumali sa Rateonium Telegram group
  3. I-follow ang Rateonium Twitter page
  4. I-submit ang email address, Twitter ID, at wallet address
  1. Open the Rateonium Telegram bot
  2. Join the Rateonium Telegram group
  3. Follow the Rateonium Twitter page
  4. Submit your email address, Twitter ID, and wallet address

Rateonium offers a complete rating system tailored to all customer groups,thus connecting customers to companies in a way never seen before. For this purpose, various requirements were explored during development and used to determine the content of the system. The accurate implementation of these requirements means that both companies and future users are offered a perfectednrating system that will be able to meet any subsequent needs.

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