OneGame (OGT)

  • Estimated Value: $1
  • Tokens: 100
  • Platform : ETH
  • Airdrop (Filipino)
  • Airdrop (English)
  • About
  1. Pumunta sa OneGame registration page at mag register gamit ang mobile number
  2. I-verify ang mobile number
  1. Head over to the OneGame registration page and register using your mobile number
  2. Verify your mobile number

One Game is a decentralized virtual world in which the game participant is the ultimate owner, creator, and arbiter. One Game is not a single game, but a platform on which any player can create their own games. Professional developers may use our developer tools to create thrilling gaming experiences.

One Game introduces a decentralized and self-evolving world of infinite variability governed by creators, gamers, and players based on a set of consensus protocols that reward and incentivize the contributing actors. As a radical paradigm shift, the participants in One Game control their own reality in an infinite, self-evolving game.

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