KamaGames (KGT)

  • Estimated Value: $3
  • Tokens: 4
  • Platform : ETH
  • Airdrop (Filipino)
  • Airdrop (English)
  • About
  1. Buksan ang KamaGames airdrop form
  2. Sumali sa KamaGames Telegram group
  3. I-follow ang KamaGames Twitter page
  4. I-like ang KamaGames Facebook page
  5. I-follow ang KamaGames Medium page
  6. I-submit ang iyong details sa airdrop form
  1. Open the KamaGames airdrop form
  2. Join the  KamaGames Telegram group
  3. Follow the KamaGames Twitter page
  4. Like the KamaGames Facebook page
  5. Follow the KamaGames Medium page
  6. Submit your details on the airdrop form

The KamaGames Token (KGT) has the functionality of a standard utility token and can be exchanged for in-game virtual "currency" (chips) at any time using an official KamaGames player account via any of the operator’s social casino games.

The KGT holders who already have a player account can very easily and quickly link it to their purchased tokens. They then use their account to redeem the free chips awarded daily along with any other discounts or bonuses.

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