Health Nexus (HLTH)

  • Estimated Value: $8
  • Tokens: 25
  • Platform : ETH
  • Airdrop (Filipino)
  • Airdrop (English)
  • About
  1. Buksan ang Heath Nexus Airdrop form
  2. Sumali sa Health Nexus Telegram group at mag iwan ng mensahe
  3. I-follow ang Health Nexus Twitter page at i-retweet ang Tweet na ito
  4. I-submit ang iyong details sa Airdrop form
  1. Open the Heath Nexus Airdrop form
  2. Join the Health Nexus Telegram group and leave a constructive message
  3. Follow the Health Nexus Twitter page and re-tweet this tweet
  4. Submit your details to the Airdrop form

Health Nexus is a blockchain-oriented distributed system handling data transfer, payments, and storage specifically desgined for Health Care.

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