Gosama (GOSAMA)

  • Estimated Value: $15
  • Tokens: 700 points
  • Platform : Nexty
  • Airdrop (Filipino)
  • Airdrop (English)
  • Project Description
  1. I-download ang Nexty wallet sa Android o sa iOS
  2. Mag register sa Gosama website
  3. Buksan ang Gosama bot sa Telegram (+100 points)
  4.  Sumama sa Gosama community sa Telegram (+200 points)
  5. I-follow ang Gosama sa Twitter at i-retweet ang pinned tweet (+200 points)
  6. I-like at i-share ang Gosama Facebook page (+200 points)
  1. Download the Nexty wallet on Android or iOS
  2. Register on the Gosama website
  3. Open the Gosama bot on Telegram (+100 points)
  4.  Join the Gosama community on Telegram (+200 points)
  5. Follow Gosama on Twitter at retweet the pinned tweet (+200 points)
  6. Like and share the Gosama Facebook page (+200 points)

Gosama platform has been created to solve business and management problems for enterprises with the desire to develop and expand in the market. In addition to helping businesses Gosama also creates effective business-to-consumer communication channels through loyalty systems, direct marketing and Omnichannel sales across the entire platform.

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