• Estimated Value: $3
  • Tokens: 150
  • Platform : ETH
  • Airdrop (Filipino)
  • Airdrop (English)
  • About
  1. Buksan ang ECTA Telegram bot
  2. Sumali sa ECTA Official Telegram group at ECTA Announcement group
  3. I-follow ang ECTA sa Twitter
  4. I-like ang ECTA Facebook page
  5. I-submit ang iyong details sa Telegram bot at i-verify ang iyong email
  1. Open the ECTA Telegram bot
  2. Join the ECTA Official Telegram group and ECTA Announcement group
  3. Follow ECTA on Twitter
  4. Like the ECTA Facebook page
  5. Submit your details to the Telegram bot and verify your email

Working synergy is created by harnessing the power of multiple AI algorithms. ECTA PAY tokens (ERC20) are used as a secure payment option on the basis of smart contract. 
ECTA SKILLS (ERC721) non-fungible tokens are mined as a confirmation of successful completion of the ordered tasks. 
They represent unique digital assets (non-transferable) and are useful to proove the claimed skills for TRUST creation in the future employments without requiring a centralized authority or having to trust anyone.

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