BioCrypt (BIO)

  • Estimated Value: $?
  • Tokens: ?
  • Platform : ETH
  • Airdrop (Filipino)
  • Airdrop (English)
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  1. Buksan ang BioCrypt website
  2. Sumali sa BioCrypt Telegram group
  3. I-follow ang BioCrypt Twitter page
  4. Sumali sa BioCrypt Discord channel
  5. I-submit ang iyong email address
  6. I-submit ang iyong ETH address
  7. I-submit ang iyong DRGN address(optional)
  1. Open the BioCrypt website
  2. Join the BioCrypt Telegram group
  3. Follow the BioCrypt Twitter page
  4. Join theBioCrypt Discord channel
  5. Submit your email address
  6. Submit your ETH address
  7. Submit your DRGN address(optional)
The BioCrypt Technologies, Inc. team is dedicated to building a completely proficient globally accepted blockchain. BioCrypt will be partnering with other developed blockchains, outside administrators, designers, and advisors to achieve our objectives. BioCrypt will provide utility to the masses thru many different means via (“BIO”) through integration of blockchain tech with RFID and NFC.

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