Bancryp (XBANC)

  • Estimated Value: $14
  • Tokens: 59
  • Platform : ETH
  • Airdrop (Filipino)
  • Airdrop (English)
  • Project Description
  1. Bisitahin ang Bancryp Website at magregister gamit ang email address (+20 XBANC)
  2. Gawin ang mga social tasks (optional)
    Sumali sa Bancryp Telegram group (+10 XBLANC)
    I-follow ang Bancryp Twitter account(+5 XBANC)
    I-follow ang Bancryp Instagram account(+5 XBANC)
    I-follow ang Bancryp Medium account(+5 XBANC)
    Magsubscribe sa Bancryp Youtube channel (+5 XBANC)
    I-follow ang Bancryp  Facebook page at i-share ang 2 posts: Post 1, Post 2. (+9 XBANC)
  3. I-submit ang details sa kanilang Airdrop form
  1. Visit the Bancryp Website and register using your email address (+20 XBANC)
  2. Do the following social tasks(optional)
    Join the Bancryp Telegram group (+10 XBLANC)
    Follow their Twitter account(+5 XBANC)
    Follow their Instagram account(+5 XBANC)
    Follow their Medium account(+5 XBANC)
    Subscribe on their Youtube channel (+5 XBANC)
    Follow their  Facebook page and share these 2 posts: Post 1, Post 2. (+9 XBANC)
  3. Submit your details on their Airdrop form

Bancryp will be the first Brazilian company totally focused on revolutionizing the

system through the Blockchain. Our mission will be to build a decentralized, econo-
mic and secure environment to break the international borders and unnecessary

bureaucracies for cryptocurrency activities and businesses.
Through mobile and web applications, Bancryp will make available various services
that are necessary to meet the current demand. In addition, Bancryp will innovate
this ecosystem and boost the cryptoeconomy with services that are of extreme
necessity for cryptocurrency holders.

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