A cryptocurrency airdrop takes place when a certain project gives away coins or tokens to their community for FREE, in exchange for easy social media tasks like liking a Facebook page, following a Twitter page, and the like.

In simpler terms, free coins/tokens!

Projects do airdrops for the coins/tokens to be widely distributed, and also for publicity/marketing reasons.


Ang isang cryptocurrency airdrop ay ang pamimigay ng libreng tokens ng project team sa mga tao. Ito ay isang pamamaraan ng mga project teams upang dumami ang taong may hawak ng coins/tokens nila.

Sa maikling salita, libreng coins/tokens!

Ang kailangan mo lang gawin ay ibigay ang mga hinihinging impormasyon sa project team sa pamamagitan ng pagregister sa kanilang website, at pagkatapos ng ilang linggo o ilang buwan(dipende sa patakaran ng project team), matatanggap niyo na ang naikolekta niyong airdrop coins/tokens.

I-click lamang ang button para ma-punta sa registration page/telegram bot ng airdrop. Gawin ang requirements ng Airdrop, kadalasan ay irerequire nilang magregister sa site nila, mag-like ng Facebook page o magshare ng Facebook post, mag-follow ng Twitter page o mag-retweet ng Twitter post, at magbigay ng Ethereum wallet address upang matanggap ang airdrops.

Common requirements:

  • E-Mail account
  • Facebook account
  • Twitter account
  • Telegram account (Register)
  • Ethereum(ETH) wallet: MyEtherWallet

Para maging updated sa mga bagong airdrops upang lumaki ang, i-like ang aming Facebook Page upang walang ma-miss na bagong airdrops.

Latest Airdrops

Hilo (HILO)
? tokens   $?

Hydro Protocol (HOT)
? tokens   ?

Bright Network (BRT)
? tokens   ?

ETH Birds
2 tokens   $8

100 tokens   $8

Namek (NMK)
500 tokens   $20

BioCrypt (BIO)
? tokens   $?

Coinbates (BATES)
250 tokens   $15

5 tokens   $5

Chynge (XCLP)
20 tokens   $1

PowerChain (PCX)
10000 tokens   $15

Bitox (BITOX)
2000 tokens   $20

Kryptoin (KRP)
? tokens   ?

? tokens   ?

LogisticsX (PNP)
60 tokens   $3

150 tokens   $3

EveryCoin (EYC)
1000 tokens $6

Health Nexus (HLTH)
25 tokens $8

? tokens ?

SuperBloom (SEED) Round 2
50 tokens $5

Remiit (REMI)
500 tokens $5

Coral (REEF)
450 tokens ?

NonZero (NZO)
140 tokens $14

Swachhcoin (SCX)
100 tokens $8

Digital Ticks (DTX)
50 tokens $4

Block Konnect (XBT)
483 tokens $6

Topex (TPX)
133 tokens $8

Ruby (RBY)
40 tokens $15

DatEat (DTE)
125 tokens $14

? tokens ?

Quras (QRS)
40 tokens $12

Aura (AURA)
? tokens $4

KamaGames (KGT)
4 tokens $4

15 tokens $6

MeYou (MYT)
125 tokens $4

Olife (OLIFE)
6 tokens $3

Contents Protocol (CPT)
? tokens ?

Scienceroot (ST)
100 tokens $4

InterBlockchain Group Exchange (IBG)
16 tokens $8

IOST (IOST) Rank 62
? tokens $30

Caspian (CSP)
460 tokens $20

DeStream (DST)
1000 tokens $6

OneGame (OGT)
100 tokens $1

Vertex (VTEXP)
12 tokens $3

Rateonium (RTC)
145 tokens $10

TTC Protocol (TTC)
15 tokens $3

Swap.online (SWAP)
3 tokens $3

Hackernet (HNT)
400 tokens $4

Bitdepositary (BDT)
500 tokens $50

Bidooh (DOOH)
5000 tokens $2.5

Aelf (ELF) Rank 62
? tokens

KiMex (KMX)
50 tokens $5

Efforce (EFE)
? tokens ?

BitMart (BMX)
20 tokens ?

Tachain (TCHN)
1000 tokens $10

imusify (IMU)
100 tokens ?

7810 tokens ?

Gosama (GOSAMA)
700 points $15

Bancryp (XBANC)
59 tokens $14

High Performance Blockchain (HPB)
? tokens ?

Guarium (GUAR)
50 tokens $60

WeBuy (WBY)
16 tokens $4

Sleecoin (SLEE)
30 tokens $3

50 tokens --

Rate3 (RTE)40 RTE

TrigID (ID)15 ID

Refereum (RFR)
? tokens ?

Envoy (NVOY)85 NVOY

IOST (IOST) *ended* 100 IOST

Opporty (OPP)35 OPP

RegistryBlocks (REG)35 REG

GastroAdvisor (FORK)35 FORK


MapCoin (MAP)500 MAP

EverLife.AI (EVER)10 EVER

Zinc (ZINC)100 ZINC

Project H (H)10 H

Dream & Indorse (DREAM/IND)56 DREAM / 20 IND

Medipedia (MEP)500 MEP

RipaEx (XPX)100 XPX

LoveBlock (DDD)40 DDD

Rockercoin (RKR)15 RKR

Svper (SVP)30 SVP

Attrace (ATTR)62 ATTR

Izetex (IZX)1500 IZX


FxPay (FXP)31 FXP

Blockchain.io (BCIO)2000+ entries

Gamedex (GDX)2000+ GDX

Aelf (ELF)950 ELF

MooToken (MOOT)100 MOOT

Apollo (APL)1800 APL


Gratz.io (GRAT)400 GRAT

SuperBloom (SEED)50 SEED

ShipIt (SHPT)30 SHPT

Miracle Tele (TELE)100 TELE

Bailsman (BAILS)115 BAILS


BizShake (BZS)10 BZS

Liquid8 (LQ8)40 LQ8

Cremit (CMRT)20 CMRT


Prospectors (PGL)10 PGL

Creatanium (CMB)25 CMB

Vidy (VIDY)400 VIDY

Atomic Wallet (AWC)125 AWC

HashGard (GARD)1966 GARD

Barrel (BRN)20 BRN

ZeroBank (ZB)150 ZB

TraXion (TXN)20 TXN

BTCIX.trade (BTX)1000 BTX

Versara Trade (VXR)100 VXR

Dench Music (MIC)90 MIC


Careon Chain (REO)25 REO

War Field (GLDR)550 GLDR

Pink Taxi (PTT)100 PTT

Leonardian (LEON)100 LEON

Dizcovery (DIZ)312.5 DIZ

Triwer (TRW)$25 worth of TRW

BlockFollow (BFN)100 BFN

Further Network (ATON)500 ATON

CoinsLaunch260 Tokens

Terawatt (LED)5 LED

Credits (CS)30 Stakes

Orch Network (ORC)20 ORC

Staramba (STT)3 STT

Usechain (UST)80 UST

LeadCoin (LDC)10 LDC

Parkres (PRS)10 PRS

Gratz.io (GRAT)400 GRAT

Lends Bay (LBT)40 LBT

CoinPayments (CPS)100 CPS

Buddy Token (BUD)45 BUD

InsCoin100 INSC

Loyakk$4 worth of LYK

CoTrader2500 COT


Crowd Token1400 entries

GreenX22.5 GEX

Konios1000 KON

Ship it30 SHPT

Origin Sport--

ICO Watchdog250 DOG

LockTrip$10 worth of tokens


NO BS Crypto20,000 NOBS

Railz40 RLZ


Coin Pulse200 CPEX

Synapse AI50 SYN

Binex5 BEX

Red Cab5 REDC

ZoidCoin40 ZCN

Cinema Well10 APLC

EasyOption1000 EOPT

Odyssey2 OCN

PavoCoin7 PAVO

BugLab60 BGL

Simmitri185 SIM



Find.Exchange55 FEX


SennoUp to 1000+ Entries

NeuromachineUp to 120 NRM

Revolux50 RVX

Slips100 SLIPS

Unboxed Network600+ points

EtherC80+ EET

Accounting BlockchainUp to 4500 AB

AvinocUp to 7000+ AVINOC

Ormeus Coin--


SpikingUp to 800+ SPIKE

DaoxUp to 200+ DXC

Fanfare150+ FAN

Root Block Chain70 RCB

What is a Cryptocurrency Airdrop?